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Saves como ganar 1.000.000 de bayas?

La mejor manera es capturando peces y escarabajos en la isla ;)


Reposting these ‘cause i couldn’t see them on my blog; only the Night Class ones - if they are still there at the beginning I apologise :L I couldn’t view them.

These were the first patternes I posted up before I had this crossingpatterns blog :) Hoping you all likey (again, haha ^^;)

Also did these before my save game buggered up so I can’t edit them now ._. Hunh.


cute tile path



sweater sunday

~~cupcake sweater~~

for this sweater sunday i made a sweater with a cupcake on it and a skirt to go with it. if you’d like it without the skirt, or in different colors, don’t be afraid to ask! uvu i hope you like it!

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All of these critters are leaving the mainland in one week! None of them are found on the island, so make sure you have them all!

Note that the Dung Beetle goes with the snow; the 24th is the last day to catch one.

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3 days left!


Something..something.I suppose? I suppose (not perfect but good enough I suppose)

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more things!

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kill la kill anyone? source

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